Featured Momstyler – Karin Beery’s Press Release Toolkit

Today we meet Karin Beery of Write Now Editing & Copywriting Services. At the risk of dating both of us, I’ll share that Karin and I met nearly 20 years ago now in college, where we were fellow English majors and sorority sisters. I’ve known about Karin’s writing and editing work for a long time, and I was excited when she decided to join the Digital Product Challenge to create her first digital product.

When we think about digital products, we often think about passive income, and that’s definitely an important benefit from all the work that goes into the creative process. However, Karin’s story shows what can be an even more important benefit for some entrepreneurs, and that’s how you can receive opportunities to showcase your work that might not have surfaced otherwise.

Let’s hear from Karin Beery about her digital product journey so far.

Laura: Where did the idea for your digital product first come from?

Karin Beery

Karin Beery: The idea for my first digital product, Writing and Distributing an Effective Press Release, was born out of my frustration from being on the receiving end of bad press releases. I knew what people were trying to do, but doing it badly was only wasting their time – the newspaper never called anyone who sent a bad press release.

Unfortunately, none of the small business owners I know can afford to pay for a professional copywriter. I thought a brief how-to might help many of them produce better press releases without having to hire a pro.

Laura: What were some of the more challenging parts of getting from idea to done, and how did you work past them?

Karin Beery: For me, it’s all about motivation. I’m pretty classically ADD – if I don’t have managers, teachers, or deadlines telling me what to do when, it’s easy to get distracted by a thousand different things. That’s why I needed the Digital Product Challenge – to give me a deadline.

Laura: What were some of the opportunities that surfaced as a result of starting to work on your first digital product? And what shifts did these opportunities create in your business?

Karin Beery: The first came from one of my beta readers. She works at the local chamber of commerce, and she wanted to know if I’d be interested in teaching the chamber members how to write press releases.

That inspired me to reach out to the local college – they offer extended education courses (non-credit classes in everything from knitting to Excel to yoga). I pitched the idea of a copy-writing-for-small-businesses class. They loved the idea, and I taught my first class in October.

That inspired me to approach our local SCORE chapter. I set out to tell people about my product and have started teaching all kinds of writing classes.

Laura: What did it feel like to see that first sale come in? And what’s happened since then?

Karin Beery: I was absolutely tickled! Since the first sale … I haven’t actually sold another tool kit. That fault is on me – I finished my digital product and jumped right into an intense four months of nonstop family visits, working two jobs, traveling, etc.

I had to pick and choose where to focus my time and energy, and launching my product didn’t make the list. That’s one of the reasons I signed up to do another digital product challenge – not only will it help me create another product, but I plan to re-launch the press release tool kit when I launch my new product.

Laura: What actions and steps do you feel were most critical in creating the opportunities you’ve experienced? 

Karin Beery's Writing and Distributing an Effective Press ReleaseKarin Beery: It all started with having one digital product – I knew I had to get myself out there to let people know that I had something to offer (besides my services). That inspired me to start teaching the classes, which has produced so many opportunities. Now I’m doubly inspired to create more digital products so I can direct people to them after they take my classes.

Laura: Can you give us a peak into what’s coming next in your online business?

Karin Beery: As far as copywriting, I’ll be teaching my content writing class at the college again in March, and I’m currently working on a digital tool kit to help people write more authentic biographies for their websites.

When I worked up the nerve to pitch the idea for the content writing class, I figured I might as well try to do more teaching (and digital product creation) for my fiction writing, so I pitched a couple of class ideas to the college and a local writing conference. Both were accepted.

Coincidentally, my recent teaching experiences helped me land the job of fiction-editing instructor for a large network of professional editors. I had already been thinking about creating digital products for fiction writing; I will now have to create them for these editing classes, and I’ll be able to sell them on my website (as well as on the organization’s site).

It’s all sort of snowballing, and I can honestly say it started with my desire to put myself out there so I could spread the word about my first digital product.

Laura: What would you recommend to other women who are putting together their first digital product? 

Karin Beery: FINISH IT! Your first draft doesn’t have to be perfect – Anne Lamott famously encourages writers to write a shitty first draft, because you can’t fix what you don’t finish. The same is true for the digital product. Just finish a shitty first draft, then polish it. It’s too easy to start something without finishing it, which is exactly what I would have done without the Digital Product Challenge.

Laura: Thank you so much and congratulations!  

Check out Karin’s first digital product, Writing and Distributing an Effective Press Release. To learn more about Karin, visit KarinBeery.com and her Write Now Editing & Copywriting Services website. You can also connect with Karin on Facebook and Twitter, and be sure to sign up for her newsletter.

Featured Momstyler – Adriana Lozada’s Labor Support Toolkit

I’m so excited today to connect you with Adriana Lozada, creator of the Birthful Podcast, who launched the Birth Partner’s Ultimate Labor Support Toolkit: Go From Clueless to “I’ve Got This.”  Adriana was one of the few women in the Digital Product Challenge that I didn’t really know at first, but right away I could tell that she had a great platform from which to launch a digital product. She already had a successful podcast and she had several digital product ideas to further serve her community of expecting moms and birth professionals.

As you can expect, time as a birth professional can be unpredictable. During the challenge, Adriana got called to 3 births. It was extremely gratifying to see her stay on track despite these distractions of her “real” work, and she shares more about how she did that in her interview. 

Now, with her digital product out and in the world, she’s helping birth partners everywhere support birthing moms with compassion and confidence. I mean, who wouldn’t want their partner to feel more prepared for their birthing day and do the things that will help them have a more positive birth experience?

Without further ado, let’s hear from Adriana.

Laura: Where did the idea for your digital product first come from?

adriana-lozadaAdriana Lozada: I’d been talking about turning my postpartum preparation classes into online classes for nearly 4 years. As time went by, I felt more and more frustrated, even defeated about how daunting of a task it was becoming.

A few months back, I had Jennifer Rue McLellan as a guest on my podcast, and after the recording, she mentioned that your “30-day Digital Product Challenge” was about to start. It was exactly the kind of push that I needed to turn something -anything!- into a digital product.

30 days is not that long, so I knew I couldn’t tackle the postpartum classes in that amount of time. I tried to come up with something that would have a lot of value, but would be super straightforward and simple to create. That’s how the idea for the Birth Partner’s Ultimate Labor Support Toolkit came to be.

Laura: What were some of the more challenging parts of getting from idea to done, and how did you work past them?

Adriana Lozada: The hardest part was carving out the time to work on this project. Between my birth doula practice, sleep consultations, the podcast, and oh, yeah, life, it was difficult to “put the important before the urgent.”

Doula work requires that I always be as well-rested as possible, so I’m not able to stay up writing until very late at night (although I find that’s a really productive time for me!). During the 30 days of the challenge I was called to 3 births, so I kept falling behind on the tasks that we were supposed to be working on. It was hard not to let that push my emotional triggers, but work through it and keep the momentum going.

My 30-day challenge was more like 105 days, but I was determined to get it done. One of the more drastic steps I had to make was to take a hard look at my schedule and decide to put my sleep consultation practice on hold for the summer in order to focus on the toolkit. I also streamlined some of my other processes so that I’ll be able to have the time to create more products in the future.

Laura: What did it feel like to see that first sale come in?

Adriana Lozada: It was the most incredible feeling ever! I had set up an early-bird list where people could be notified the minute the toolkit was available for sale. Within 10 minutes of the cart being open I had 2 sales.

I actually jumped and did a happy dance for about 5 minutes! There may even have been tears of joy… I was filled with such a sense of relief, knowing that what I’ve been dreaming about for years can actually become reality.

Laura: What kind of results have you seen since that first sale?

Adriana Lozada: Before launching the toolkit, I had no idea what to expect. Never having done this before, my biggest goal was to launch something in order to go through the process; to figure out how all the steps come together and learn how it’s done. But I can certainly see all my hard work paying off! I’ve had enough sales to balance out the hiatus I took from sleep consultations, and that’s extremely exciting.

What I love the most is the feedback that I’m getting from those who have gotten the toolkit. One podcast listener emailed me saying,

“As soon as I heard about the toolkit, I knew it would be the perfect compliment for my husband.  I know he wants to be involved and supportive – but is not interested in listening to the HOURS of podcasts that I enjoy for the fun of it.  I just completed my purchase – and I have to say I am in tears….joyous tears!  I think this is going to be the perfect thing for him when we go into labor.”

Laura: What actions and steps do you feel were most critical in creating this result?

labor-support-toolkitAdriana Lozada: Setting up an early-bird list was key. Most of my initial sales came from that list, and it had a 44% conversion rate.

Also, when I posted the launch on Facebook, I asked people to comment why they wanted the toolkit in their lives, saying that I would PM a discount code to those who commented. That helped me get a feel for who was interested and why, and for them to get instant gratification through the coupon. Having people comment also helped amplify the number of people who saw the post.

Laura: Can you give us a peek into what’s coming next in your online business?

Adriana Lozada: I’m going to spend a few more weeks trying different things with the toolkit as part of my learning process. For example, I was recently invited to be a guest on the Healthy Births, Happy Babies podcast, to talk about the toolkit. The episode aired this Monday, and I’ve gotten great feedback.

Many doulas and childbirth educators showed interest in the toolkit, so I’m working on creating a version that can be licensed and adapted into childbirth education classes.

Outside of the toolkit, my next goal for this year is to turn my “Life with a Newborn” postpartum preparation classes into an online class. Those classes have been invaluable for local parents, and I’m excited to share all that good info with the rest of the world. I’m hoping to follow that with an online childbirth education class.

I have the ability to easily translate all these products into Spanish, and I can’t wait to be able to help even more new and expectant parents that way.

Laura: What would you recommend to other women who are putting together their first digital product?

Adriana Lozada: To go for it! And when they do, to approach it as a learning process. To try to have fun with it, and lessen the pressure for perfection. The first digital product is just that: the first. After that, they will be hooked.

Laura: Thank you so much and congratulations!  

To learn more about Adriana’s Birth Partner’s Ultimate Labor Support Toolkit, visit birthful.com/toolkit. You can also listen to the Birthful Podcast on iTunes and connect with Adriana on Facebook.

Featured Momstyler – Jen McLellan’s My Plus Size Pregnancy Guide

When I first spoke with Jen McLellan, she had already built a massive social media following, spoken at numerous professional events, and co-authored her first book. She had also monetized her blog authentically (mostly with advertising) and was receiving a ton of traffic through search engine optimization. Her voice and message were already making a massive impact in empowering women during their pregnancies to love their bodies.

Yet, I felt like a saw a bit of me in Jen. Because about 5 years ago I had built what seemed like an impressive social media following and email list, but I wasn’t generating the cash flow I expected. It was like I was sitting on this huge well of potential abundance that I just didn’t know how to tap.

If you know me, you know that I love digital products! I couldn’t help but see how Jen’s business could turn a bigger profit if she had her own product to offer. And she knew this too, as she’d been wanting to create one for quite a while.

I was so honored when she decided to join my Digital Product Challenge so we could take the plunge together. She ended up creating a product that would further solidify her as the expert in plus size pregnancy, empower many more women to have a positive pregnancy experience, and be a foundational piece of a profitable business model.

That’s enough from me. Let’s hear from Jen McLellan, because she has graciously answered questions about what it was like to create and launch her first digital product.

Jen McLellan

Laura: Where did the idea for your digital product first come from?

Jen McLellan: For the past 5 years, I’ve been blogging about plus size pregnancy and body love. During that time I became certified as a childbirth educator and did a public speaking tour. I’ve wanted to write a book on plus size pregnancy for a few years but it seemed like a lot of work for not a large financial return.

I know many authors who set me straight on the fact that books are your best business card and way to get speaking engagements. While they might end up paying the monthly electric bill, they hardly ever pay the mortgage.

Connecting with Laura Brandenburg and her MomStyle Your Business Facebook group, helped me to start re-thinking a book and writing a toolkit instead.

Laura: What were some of the more challenging parts of getting from idea to done, and how did you work past them?

Jen McLellan: I could write out all of the basics here – finding time to write, setting the right price point, and wanting to get feedback from a few people before launching. And while all of those things are true, the most challenging factor for completing my product was fear of failure.

I’ve been working incredibly hard growing a Facebook following of over 177,000, blogging, speaking, and pouring all of my passion into my work. What was this all for?? Yes, I’ve helped so many women and that has been incredibly rewarding, however, I’ve also sacrificed a lot of time away from my family and have gotten into a significant amount of debt. What if the guide wasn’t well received? What if it failed? I was paralyzed by that fear.

What helped me to move past my fear was co-authoring a book with another business partner (I actually met Laura at my book launch party) as well as really believing in the digital product I was developing! It’s everything I wanted to read when I was plus size and pregnant, as well as everything I want plus size pregnant women to know as a birth professional. As my toolkit started coming together, I became really proud of the resource I knew it would become. Feedback from close friends and other birth professionals gave me the confidence to complete my toolkit.

Laura: What did it feel like to see that first sale come in?

Jen McLellan: For the past 5 years, while building my blog, I networked my butt off. Therefore, I had a strong feeling that I had set myself up for success! I was posting teasers in some mom and birth professional groups and someone made a purchase a few days before I went live.

It was exciting and then other sales came through. The day before I launched, I read the most amazing review from someone I didn’t know, “Hands down the BEST $17 I have ever spent. I feel lots better about being pregnant now! THANK YOU Jen!

That testimonial meant everything to me and I knew in that moment that I wasn’t going to fail – that I had succeeded!!!

Laura: What kind of results have you seen since that first sale?

Jen McLellan: Let’s just say that my launch paid not only my electric bill but also my mortgage in August. It was incredibly exciting seeing sale after sale coming in!!! As well as the positive feedback I’ve received! 

Laura: What actions and steps do you feel were most critical in creating this result?

My Plus Size Pregancy Guide by Jen McLellan

Jen McLellan: I’ve known for years that having a newsletter list was incredibly important for building an online business. I cringed each year doing my taxes seeing how much I was spending on my list of 5,000 and not seeing a financial return.

Well, my newsletter list of 5,000 outperformed my massive Facebook following of 177,000 in sales. I believe investing in growing my list and coming up with a strong launch e-mail plan was a big key to my success.

I’m also really proud of my product landing page and you can check it out here: plussizebirth.com/my-plus-size-pregnancy-guide. It includes a testimonial from a well-known plus size model and that’s where networking for all of these years has really paid off!

Laura: Can you give us a peek into what’s coming next in your online business?

Jen McLellan: My first toolkit, My Plus Size Pregnancy Guide, only covers pregnancy so my next guide will cover labor, birth and postpartum. I’m excited to start diving into it since these are topics I’ve given presentations on numerous times.

Laura: What would you recommend to other women who are putting together their first digital product?

Jen McLellan: DO IT! Just dive right in.

With that said, I think it’s super important to establish yourself as an expert in your field to encourage sales. Jump on as many podcasts that will have you as a guest and write tons of guest blog posts. Network, network, network!!

Laura: Yes, it is so important to build up your expertise to experience a successful launch and ongoing product sales. Thanks for mentioning that, Jen! And, congratulations! I’m so happy for you and I can’t wait to see where your digital products take you and your business!

To learn more about Jen’s work, visit plussizebirth.com and connect with her via Facebook here: facebook.com/plussizemommymemoirs.

Affordable WordPress Website Offering by Margaret Rode

I’m so excited to share a new digital product profile with you today. Margaret Rode of Websites for Good helped me get this super-affordable wordpress website off the ground in record time. Beyond her responsiveness and ability to handle all things tech, I always appreciate how she helps me find the most reasonable and affordable way to accomplish what I really want to have done.

Today, Margaret is here to share some of the details behind her new digital product – The 90-Minute Website – which is one way for entrepreneurs to get an affordable WordPress website design. One of the intriguing aspects of Margaret’s product is that she’s combined a digital product with a very specific service offering, which enables her to offer an affordable alternative to getting a new website created, and serve more people with her work.

Margaret was kind enough to answer a few questions about how this product came to be.

Laura: Where did the idea for your digital product first come from?

Margaret: I’m a web designer and developer in Evergreen, Colorado, and I work with small businesses, nonprofits, and other people that are trying to do something good in the world. I love my work and who I do it for, but for years I had to turn away people who came to me hoping for a small, effective, inexpensive website. There is only me and my two small hands, and I tended to work on larger projects to keep the bills paid. I hated saying no to these people, because often they were really beautiful people doing amazing work in the world. But I felt like I had to.

I got the idea to develop a digital product by brainstorming how I could stop saying “no” to these good people. Where was the intersection of what I was good at, and what they needed the most? My strength, I felt, was in teaching people how to “do” a website right, so the end result is something that really and truly helps get clients, donors, supporters, and fans. Was there something I could create that would help them, without necessarily investing dozens of hours of my time (that I didn’t have) in each project?

Laura: What were some of the more challenging parts of getting from idea to done, and how did you work past them?

Margaret: There were two challenging parts to getting from this initial idea to a sellable product. One was making time to create it amid my other life responsibilities. For at least a year I only daydreamed about it. I needed a jump start, and serendipitously I saw Laura Brandenburg’s Digital Product Workshop on my Facebook feed. I took the course, and it ignited me. It helped me brainstorm in a structured way, and clarified for me what I wanted it to do, and who I wanted to help.

The second challenge was coming up with the form it should take. This couldn’t just be a simple e-book. People need more personalized help because they all had different needs. So I created a hybrid digital product—a product PLUS a service bundled together.

I started with a non-geeky e-course teaching them what they need to know & gather for a website, and bundled it with a hands-on session to build their site together. (I called it the 90-Minute Website.) For them, it’s a fraction of the cost of a regular website, because they are helping to create it with me. For me, it allows me to share my expertise by putting it down into a digital product that lots of people can enjoy . . . which takes less of my time but still provides great value. They learn on their own, then I “sherpa” them to pull all the pieces together, and in just a short session we go from zero to website.

People love it, and that makes me happy through and through. Recently, one of the participants told me, “My new business idea just seemed like a lark until we launched my new website together. Now it’s all for real, no kidding. I feel like a business owner, so much clearer about my audience and what I do, and making money to boot.” I loved hearing that so much!

Laura: What did it feel like to see that first sale come in?

Margaret: As thrilling as it was to see my first sale come in—and it was almost surreal to get that “you’ve got money” email from PayPal, like magic money—it was just as thrilling to have one of my clients tell me about the first sale THEY made with their new website. So all that stuff they tell you about “doing well by doing good”?  It’s absolutely, positively true. Create something good, and others will use it to create good, in an endless chain.

Laura: What would you recommend to other women who are putting together their first digital product?

Margaret: If I had any advice for other women thinking about putting together their first digital product, it would be to start with these three questions: Who do I want to help the most with this product? What do they need the most right now? (i.e. facts, instructions, a system, some sort of relief, another income stream, etc.) What is living in my brain & experience that I could capture either on paper, or on paper plus a little personal time, that would help fill that need? These are from my notes from the Digital Product Workshop, accompanied by big red Sharpie asterisks – they were my guideposts.

Laura: Congratulations, Margaret! I’m so excited that you’ve brought this offering into the world. Finding someone you can trust to help you with your website is a difficult business challenge. And I know people can trust in you.

If you need a new or improved affordable WordPress website for your online business, be sure to check out Margaret’s 90-Minute Website offer. And if you are looking for a more hands-off approach, she also has a handy guide on how to pay her less money, available on her website.

Featured Momstyler – Jennifer Mason and the Birth Photography Toolkit

JenniferMasonPhotographyToday I’d like to introduce you to a fellow Momstyler and close friend of mine, Jennifer Mason. Jennifer is a birth and breast-feeding photographer living in Denver, Colorado. She was one of the first women I met when I moved to Colorado nearly 10 years ago, and we’ve talked about all aspects of our careers and businesses during our weekly “knitting” (i.e. girls’) nights. She photographed the birth of my second daughter and has done our family photos several times.

Jenn loves to work with free-spirited and sentimental families in the Colorado area and across the globe. Jennifer believes that the birth of your child is one of the biggest days in a family’s life, and that it should be documented and celebrated.

As you can imagine, the work life of a birth photographer is unpredictable. There is lots of time on call and long, unexpected work days and nights. What’s more, Jenn is the mother of two daughters – a 4 year old and a 3 1/2 month old. Securing some passive income has long been on Jenn’s list of ways to grow her business.

Birth photography is a relatively new, but on the rise profession. And Jenn receives questions from other women who want to be birth photographers about how to get started. Jenn recently partnered with another birth photographer, Monet Nicole, to put together a Birth Photography Toolkit to support their emerging profession and help other birth photographers get their start.

Jenn was kind enough to answer a few questions about how this product came to be.

Laura: Where did the idea for your digital product first come from?

Jenn: The idea for my digital product came when I began in birth photography and realized there was no great resource for a new birth photographer.  However, I didn’t really figure out what my product would be until I went to Laura’s first in-person Digital Product Workshop. It was there that I was able to brainstorm the idea of doing a toolkit for beginning birth photographers.

I was really inspired when I heard Laura speak in person. Even though I’ve known her for years, I didn’t know just how successful she was and I’d never heard her share her story in such a candid way.   It was then that I knew I needed to do this, for myself, for my family, and the future of my business.

Laura: What were some of the more challenging parts of getting from idea to done, and how did you work past them?

Jenn: The biggest challenge for me was twofold.  Name recognition, and getting the toolkit actually completed. I’m not a hugely famous birth photographer, but my best friend is.  When I reached out to ask her if she wanted to join me in this endeavor, to help me finish the toolkit and help sell it, she was definitely on board.

Together, we were able to finish much more quickly and we added a lot more items and value after brainstorming together.  We also decided to include a private facebook group where clients who purchase the toolkit can ask us questions in a private forum. Working together we were able to accomplish so much more and in a much quicker time frame, and we are already planning our next digital product idea!

Laura: What did it feel like to see that first sale come in?

Jenn: I’ve been on cloud 9 all day; so far in 3 hours we’ve had 4 sales! And then 10 sales in our first 24 hours! We only did a soft product launch in a private group too.  I can’t wait to see where this goes once we really get it going!

Laura: What would you recommend to other women who are putting together their first digital product?

Jenn: Believe in yourself is #1.  Believe Laura is #2.  Keep working in it, even little by little.

Then, those final things that you are struggling with, whether that is proofing the toolkit, getting it online, or any other struggles, find someone to pay to do it for you.

I am one of those people who would just do everything myself, to save money.  But once I really decided that I wanted it done and realized what my hangups were (proofing and getting it online), I hired Marci Dahms from Indigo Administrative Services to proof it, which freed up my time so that I could get it online myself.

Laura: Congratulations Jenn! I’m so happy for you, and I can’t wait to see where your digital products take you and your business!

Be sure to check out Jenn and Monet’s Birth Photography Toolkit and their website showcasing the best birth photography around the world, Birth Becomes Her.

Featured Momstyler: Katy Moses Huggins and the Kickstart Your Business Workshop

Today I’d like to introduce you to a fellow Momstyler. Katy Moses Huggins is a self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur. She loves getting inspired with new ideas and talking business with other like-minded entrepreneurs. She is a portrait photographer, sometimes yoga instructor, owns and operates a coworking space, and she’s about to launch her first online digital product.

Katy never ceases to amaze me. She’s got more lines of business than I can personally keep track of, and she always seems to keep momentum behind each of them. What’s more, her creative spirit oozes out of her. She follows her callings and makes things happen. At the same time, she’s active in the community and gives back by helping local entrepreneurs connect with each other and improve their businesses.

And did I happen to mention that she has two kids, ages 4 and 5?

Katy attended the Digital Product Workshop in June of 2015 and created an action plan for delivering a new workshop herself – the Kickstart Your Business Workshop. She’s already piloted the workshop twice with local audiences and now she’s bringing it virtual so she can help more entrepreneurs with her kickstart processes.

Here’s what Katy has to say about the process of building a digital product so far:

I love the concept of digital products as an outlet for all the various creative ideas. It’s an easier way to leverage time and energy by allowing for automation and creating products that don’t require me to be hand-holding the client 1-to-1 the whole time. With all this extra time, I plan to enjoy more time drinking coffee, eating chocolate and getting out in nature and to train to eventually run a marathon again. At least a 10k. And kayak. And travel. And come up with more ideas for more businesses.

I’ll be attending the December 14 session of Katy’s Kickstart Your Business Workshop. I’m looking forward to receiving a new set of tools to reflect on 2015 and prepare for an even better 2016. As someone who has always succeeded through a relentless focus, I could use some tips for honoring and cultivating my multiple creative interests. I can think of no better role model than Katy.

If you want to join the Kickstart Your Business Workshop, you have two options – Friday, December 14, and Monday, December 17. What’s more, Katy has very graciously extended the early bird discount to Momstylers.

You can save $200 off the $297 investment and join in for just $97 today.

First, click here to find out all about the workshop.

Then, click here to sign-up and the discounted investment level.

Again, I’ll be attending the December 14 workshop. It would be great to connect with you through the work Katy is doing. (I’m not an affiliate and I’m not getting a kickback, I simply like what Katy’s doing and super appreciate her offering such a deep discount to you.)

Also, be sure to check out the Momstyle Your Business Facebook group, where Katy will be answering your questions on mindset, work/life balance, feeling like you’re spinning wheels, getting started in a new business, setting boundaries, goal setting, business planning, getting unstuck, accountability, troubleshooting on Tuesday, December 8.