I had a goldmine in my hard drive


A few years back, I was at my year-end planning session with my coach. I casually mentioned to him that people were always asking me for templates. In fact, people wanted to buy all of the templates I had used in my career as a business analyst, but I didn’t think they were useful enough to sell on their own. Maybe if I built a whole course around how to use them…

Gary, my coach, stops me what felt like mid-sentence and asks, “So when are you going to sell them the templates?”

Me: “What do you mean?”

Gary: “People are asking you for templates. You have them. And you are refusing to sell them what they want?”

Me (sheepishly): “Well, yes, that’s kind of what’s happening.”

Gary: “How long would it take to pull these together?”

Me: “Well, I would need to edit them, look through my work files…”

Gary: “I challenge you to do it before the end of the year.”

Me: “WHAT?????”

From that point, some dialog ensued, mostly around my discomfort with putting my templates out to the world. They’d be useless. Other industry experts would think I’d sold out. And so on and so on.

Well, I got the offer up and running in less than two weeks. In December of that year, I sold about ten copies with very little marketing. In January, sales continued to roll in. Today, this toolkit continues to be my best-selling product and brings in at least a couple thousand dollars, each and every month.

These templates are what has made it possible to shift my efforts to helping other women build flexible and profitable online businesses, the work I do here at Momstyle Your Business, because I can count on a steady stream of revenue.

Your goldmine could be in your hard drive, your email box, or lurking in the stuff you already know. If you’d like to learn more, and explore your potential digital product ideas, check out the Digital Product Workshop. Better yet, book a 1-1 consulting session with me, where we’ll dig into the possibilities you have to create a profitable digital product.

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