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For the last two years, my word of the year has been “POWER.” Shortly after embarking on this adventure to help mom entrepreneurs find more freedom, flexibility, and financial reward in their businesses, I realized that my real goal was to empower women. And then I realized that if I wanted to do this work, I needed to step into my own power.

I still can’t help but feel the negative connotation of this word…how power is seen as a tool to control other people, rather than a space we step into on our own.  And that’s why it’s still my word. Because in many ways, I’m very much not-there-yet. I’m empowered and, yes, powerful. And I work every day to empower other women.

But this doesn’t feel comfortable. It’s not yet my new normal. I’ve got work to do.

When I shared this message with the Momstyle Your Business community a few weeks ago, it really resonated. And so we asked the women of Momstyle to share what this message means to them. I’m blown away by their answers – YOUR answers. Please take a read and add your thoughts below.


Darci Lopez, Life Unplanned

I feel like I am part of something greater than myself, that is a sisterhood of women. In running my business, my focus is always to help other women first…the rest will come. It takes a confidence and a peace and a knowledge that we are in this together to empower each other.

Jennifer Rue McLellan, Plus Size Birth

By supporting other women, I not only help them to grow their business but it feeds my soul and enriches my own business. 

Julie Daigneault

Many of the women I know are business owners. We support and encourage each other without fail. Many other women I know are educators of various kinds and are respected in all that they do every day. Ladies, you are strong, beautiful and capable.

Aparna Parinam

It reinforces the fact that women support and encourage each other. This is very much essential for the success of every woman!

Karin Beery, Write Now Editing

I think one of the reasons I like teaching so much is because I’m not just writing something for someone else – I’m teaching people how to do it for themselves so they don’t have to rely on anyone else. I want to empower them to not only write their own content, but to write killer content that gets noticed.

Robyn Johnson, Baby Kale Health

This strikes me on so many levels…today, especially, as a mom of a hormonal 4th grader who is very nervous about her first b-ball game! Trying to empower her, but still let her feel what she’s feeling!

On another level, my own, stepping into several new roles and changes…trying so hard to transform fears and anxiety into excitement and gratitude for new adventuresThank you, Laura.

Katy Moses Huggins

Starting out in the film photography era, the industry was very male dominated. It was hard to learn from my peers – most learning was done in a more traditional classroom type setting. In the last 13 years, things have changed dramatically with the introduction of the affordable Digital SLR.

Suddenly, pro photography became accessible for women who didn’t know if they wanted a photo career, but they could now afford to play and learn, and with the digital camera, there was an immediate feedback loop, fast learning curve, huge improvement in a short time.

What I’ve seen come out of this, is a constantly growing community of women photogs, who are helping each other learn, both technical as well as the business and creative aspects. They’re cheering each other on, they’re referring clients to each other. It’s amazing.

This community is growing – and thriving – more and more every day. Because of women choosing to help other women.

Rebecca Phoenix, Productive Preschool with Rebecca Phoenix

To me it means you support and celebrate! Call them out when they’ve done well, let the sun shine on them equally (not stay in your shadow).

Kate Ditzler, Practicing Empathy

Empowerment can be really, really abstract. I think of it as a transaction — either from one woman to another, as you framed it, or as an acquisition if you’re empowering yourself.

But what is being transacted or acquired?

It can’t just be the knowledge that things are possible. That leaves people with “should” and “need to” which stresses but doesn’t allow for action and growth. It has to be skills, and strategies, and gentle accountability and coaching. It has to be no judgement, it has to allow people to solve their own problems in a place that’s safe.

Diana Griffin, Diana Griffin Photography

Give what you have so that others might have more to give!

Amelia Warfield

Working together to make something special for ourselves.

Deirdre Eberhart

For me, it means showing women the power of their minds and how to focus their energies on more positive ways of thinking. We have a lot to take on sometimes and so many societal pressures. We need to unite our efforts by banding together.

Monique Alvarez

Powerful women are secure. They own their brilliance and invite other women to do the same.


I love the story these words tell. Stories of powerful women who stepped in to share their empowering words with us – with you. Let them seep in. Let them inspire you. Take them with you on your journey to step into your own power. Pass them along to the women in your life.

Because we will all be more powerful together. Powerful women EMPOWER other women.

Have a thought to share? Please leave a comment below.

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