Hey, mama,

What would it mean to bring in a salary that rivals what you made in corporate, while having a lot more fun and freedom?

I call this type of business a momstyle business, and it’s totally within your reach.

  • A momstyle business is not about creating a little side hustle to bring in some extra spending money.
  • A momstyle business is not about only working during naps and evenings, unless those times happen to be when you do your best work.
  • A momstyle business is not about burning ourselves out trying to do it all.

A momstyle business is about nurturing our creative souls, generating significant revenue, and allowing us the flexibility to be the moms we want to be.

Laura-Brandenburg-MomstyleI’m Laura Brandenburg, and I’m an Online Business Strategy Consultant who helps mom entrepreneurs build passive and highly leveraged streams of income.

When I started thinking about having kids, I knew I wouldn’t want to completely give up my career. I also knew that I did not want to send my kids to daycare 10 hours per day.

I started a blog 6 years ago thinking it would give me a way to keep my career alive while I stepped away from the corporate world to raise young children. I fully intended to go back “to work” someday.

But then something magical happened.

  • First, I started having more fun working in and on my business than I ever did in the corporate world.
  • Then, I started making more money (in mostly passive income) than I ever did in the corporate world, even while working about 25 hours each week from home.

I felt like I was onto something. I realized I wanted to help other moms build online business that were creative, profitable and flexible.

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