What really happened during my last launch…


I don’t think entrepreneurs talk nearly enough about what really goes into building a successful online business, particularly their failures along the way. Today I want to share with you what really happened during the last launch and what lessons I learned.

I’d love to hear your take-aways. And as I mentioned in the video, I’m thinking of making this an ongoing series, where I share what’s happening in my business (the ups and the downs). What would you like to learn more about? Please comment below.

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  1. Lindsay Sutula
    Lindsay Sutula says:

    LOVE the “more of a role model” idea. And thank you for this video. I always wonder what’s going on behind the scenes and would jump at the chance to learn from your successes and disappointments — transparency is one of the most valuable lessons you can share!

    • Laura Brandenburg
      Laura Brandenburg says:

      Thank you Lindsay! And you are welcome. I’m glad you benefited from my transparency. It feels so good to share and be authentic around these things.

      Another video is coming your way next week and I’ll be talking about a decision I made this week about pricing.


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