The truth about online sales


There is something that seems like it should be easy about generating online sales. Like people are just browsing the internet, credit cards in hand, ready to find your product and buy it.

In some ways, this is absolutely true. Online shoppers are absolutely for real. You are probably one of them!

But on the other hand, the process of having the right people find your website, find your product, decide to buy your product, and actually hand over payment information is not exactly an easy one to manifest.

None of us here are exactly running a business like Amazon, right?

There are two primary ways to generate online sales:

  1. Attract extremely interested buyers who have an internal urgency, or reason to buy now, that’s external to you and your website. For example, I sell a lot of business analyst templates to people who aren’t even on our email list yet, primarily because they are browsing the web looking for templates.
  2. Create a reason for the prospects on your email list to buy now, like running a sale, launch, or limited time promotion.

The thing is, that sales of type #1 take a long time to cultivate in your business. I’m able to do this in my first business because I have a ton of organic search traffic and am well-referred in my specific niche of the world.

And #2 type of sales? Well, they can take a fair amount of work and you can’t exactly run a sale or online product launch every month to continue to generate sales.

But what if there was a way to generate type #2 online sales on a consistent, ongoing basis?

And in such a way that required no ongoing work for you?

There totally is! In internet marketing circles it’s called a “funnel” but I prefer “nurture sequence.” Putting a sequence of emails in place that automatically go out to new subscribers to your email list and – here’s the key part – include a time-sensitive offer – is one of the simplest ways to start building up online sales.

I’m putting together a new program that will help you turn opt-ins into digital product sales and I’d love your input. I’ve been resisting this idea for a long time. But frankly, I’m just sick and tired of seeing so many great digital products collecting dust on their virtual shelves instead of making their creators money and helping the people they were designed to help.

If this is something you’d like to learn more about, I’d really appreciate your input.

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