51 Ways to Improve Your Online Business


There are always new ways to improve your online business, always something to do to move your business forward. From tightening up your sales process to generating more website traffic, your online business grows through incremental actions, each layered one on top of the other.

If you are feeling stuck, or not sure what to do this week to move your business forward, browse this list and pick one idea to implement. Because you’ll notice that reading another book, taking another course, or spending weeks on next year’s planning are not on the list.

Results come from action. Be sure your learning supports action.

Without further ado…

  1. Write a blog post and SEO it.
  2. Guest post.
  3. Send an email to your list with an offer.
  4. Send a high-quality, information-rich email to your list.
  5. Set up your business PayPal account.
  6. Get a shopping cart for your digital downloads.
  7. Email past customers with a special, limited time offer.
  8. Offer to be interviewed for a podcast.
  9. Accept a new payment option.
  10. Reach out to a connection to have a coffee date.
  11. Raise your prices. And promote it.
  12. Run a limited time discount.
  13. Set up a speaking engagement…and charge for it.
  14. Put Amazon affiliate links on your website. (Like I did with this post on the books that shaped my 2016.)
  15. Offer a new service.
  16. Create a new digital product.
  17. Add an email to your welcome series of emails that go out to new subscribers.
  18. Wait? Don’t have a welcome series. Write one!
  19. Create an “evergreen launch” for new subscribers on your best-selling offer.
  20. Add an upsell.
  21. Turn your ebook into a course.
  22. Turn your course into an ebook.
  23. Turn your ebook into a print book.
  24. Become an affiliate for a program or product you believe in. Promote it.
  25. Reach out to your affiliates and encourage them to promote.
  26. Create a new ad to run on your website.
  27. Reorganize your online store so it’s easier to use.
  28. Walk through your online buying process. Is it as simple and clear as possible? Update it.
  29. Reach out to customers and ask them to be affiliates.
  30. Adjust your affiliate offers.
  31. Promote your email freebie.
  32. Improve or add to your email freebie. Then send it to your existing list for good will.
  33. Outsource your least favorite task.
  34. Then outsource your second-least-favorite task.
  35. Individually email contacts or connections about an offer.
  36. Launch a big “live” program.
  37. Turn a live offer into an evergreen offer.
  38. Brainstorm – Who could buy 10X your product and why? How could you reach them? Take action.
  39. Ask a client for a testimonial. Add it to your sales page.
  40. Add a VIP or Premium option to your offering.
  41. Strengthen the copy on your sales page.
  42. Retire a product that’s not selling. (But first, be sure you make these tweaks to sell more digital products online.)
  43. Take some time off for self-care. (My best ideas often surface while I’m hiking.)
  44. Sell your swipe files.
  45. Add a limited time bonus to a product or service offering.
  46. Create a template for an activity you do again and again.
  47. Eliminate an activity that is no longer growing your business.
  48. Experiment with a new social media platform.
  49. Get professional headshots – and use them on your website to strongly position your brand.
  50. Optimize your website to build your email list.
  51. Optimize your social media presence to build your email list.

Opportunities? They are everywhere. Use this list of ideas to help you find new opportunities that you might not be seeing inside your business. But don’t get overwhelmed with all 51. Choose the one idea that best aligns with your big picture goals, personal strengths, and strategy and implement.

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  1. Leanne
    Leanne says:

    I love this list and am doing, or will be doing, a lot of them. A couple that I have going on right now: I have a coffee date with a connection scheduled for today (#10) and I’m individually messaging people tomorrow (#35).


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