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Did you know that start-ups with at least one women partner are on average more financially successful than start-ups with no female partner?

Did you know that the overwhelming majority of venture capitalists that invest in start-ups are run and owned by men?

My frustration in since learning these two facts has not gone away.

Because the implications are significant:  While a typical view of the world would consider the rise of female CEOs to be a sign of empowering women economically, I have a different view. Even while female CEOs have the top title and authority within their companies to do brilliant work (not to mention making immense personal sacrifices to do so), their options for leveraging and multiplying their investments are all going to benefit the men in position to finance them.

This does not sit right with me.

If you look at many of the other working models available to women and moms, they aren’t all that different. Most of the work we do today is going to filter up the economic food chain to benefit a male executive, financier, or investor.

We are giving away our economic power. It is the simple state of the world today.

But it’s not so with a momstyle business (one that’s flexible, profitable, and online). You keep what you earn (at least what doesn’t go to taxes). You own your products. You own your systems, and services, and copyrights. You own the product of your work.

Of course, a momstyle business has it’s own limitations. A momstyle business is going to be smaller and it’s reach may not expand so wide as a business that leverages venture capital. You may be limited in how many people you can actually help.

But on the other hand, that ownership is also empowering women. When you own the business, it’s your voice, your decision, your work. You help people the way you want to help them. You decide what to offer and when. You own a piece of the value system that you can’t control any other way. (And that value system, built right, can generate significant passive income for you.)

If you want a way to put your work out into the world, without compromise, this is the best way of doing business that I know of.

I am in this with you. Because what’s happening here is all about empowering women to build profitable, flexible, online businesses and help us, as moms, capture and influence a larger part of that value stream.

  • Behind every profitable momstyle business is an economically empowered woman who owns the value of her work.
  • Behind every flexible momstyle business, is a woman working from her own personal values.
  • Behind every online momstyle business, is a woman speaking her voice and imparting her brilliance on the world in her own unique way.

Your momstyle business wraps up your power and emanates it on the world while also lighting you up from within.

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      Thanks Mariana! And you are welcome. You are rocking the economic empowerment factor!!!


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