What makes you unstoppable?


Early on in my online business evolution, I remember thinking that after this one tweak, this final adjustment, things would be perfect. That somehow everything would magically fall into place and I’d be done.

Then one day I realized that done was an illusion. I began owning the fact that I would always have the right to change things. And that I would never be finished growing and tweaking the business.

Sometimes the changes are big, like switching from an instructor-led model to an on-demand model. This is a change that took me 2 years to implement. And now I’m back to experimenting with live sessions.

Sometimes the changes are small, like adjusting the email series for up-selling, adding a bundle, or changing the name of an existing product. Or, like I did this week inside the Momstyle Your Business Facebook group, implementing new prompts and letting go of the old ones that weren’t working.

But there is always, always change.

There is a difference though, because this is not change for change’s sake. It’s change based on learning. It’s change geared toward growth.

Yes, this is about change, but it’s also about passion. About guts. About listening to that voice inside you that absolutely must get out. It’s about creating, and creating in bigger and bolder ways. It’s about listening to your market, your customers, and matching up their desires with what the best of you has to offer.

Building an online business is a messy organic process. There is no formula for success, except to keep on learning and taking action.

And you learn through change. You learn by experimenting, watching the results, and experimenting again.

  • Every launch you run is an experiment.
  • Every digital product you create is an experiment.
  • Every email you send out or social media message you post is an experiment.

You become unstoppable when you effectively put your work out there again and again and again, so you can learn and learn and learn.

You become unstoppable when you integrate everything you learn to improve your offers, adjust your positioning, and tweak your strategies.

You become unstoppable when you commit without question to a single market and decide to never stop adjusting until you figure it out.

If you think my approach to Momstyle has been all over the place lately, you wouldn’t be wrong. I’ve gone from in-person workshops, to virtual on-demand workshops, to a group coaching program to smaller tools and swipe files.

On the outside, it might even look like I don’t know what I’m doing.

But you are not seeing the inside, where I’m listening very, very carefully. Reading in between the lines of what you are responding to, what you are buying, and the resistance that’s coming up. Digging deep into my own personal gifts and being honest about what I have to offer and what I don’t.

Then integrating all of this together to come up with a new idea. Making a new offer. And again learning from the response.

My confidence comes not from believing I’ve gotten it right, but knowing that I won’t stop until I get it right. And even then I’ll still be adjusting.

And this is what makes you unstoppable.

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