Sales Page: 5 sales copy elements that sell digital products


Once you’ve invested all the time and energy it takes to create a digital product, you need to write a sales page to sell it. Sales copy is essentially the language you use to describe your product to someone who is interested in buying it. You probably read sales copy all the time without even thinking about it. Every time you look at a listing on Amazon or read the box of a product, you are reading sales copy.

For digital products (like eBooks, digital toolkits, and online courses), your sales copy will often be on a single web page, which is often called a sales page or landing page. The one and only job of this page is to sell your digital product to interested buyers.

(By the way, I offer Sales Copy Templates for writing copy that sells digital products. They will save you time, frustration, and the cost of hiring a professional copywriter.)

Sales Page Element #1 – Headline

The headline and first few sentences on your sales page establish relevance, meaning they draw your potential buyer in and encourage them to explore your product in more detail.

Use these sections to clearly communicate the benefits your product solves or the pain points your product alleviates. As an aside, I’ve found that focusing on pain points works best for digital toolkits, while focusing on benefits or desired outcomes works best for online courses.

Sales Page Element #2 – About You

It’s safe to assume that you’ll be making first and second impressions from your sales page. Whether someone reads a single blog post and then clicks to your sales page, or clicks on an ad or social media link, they will want to know more about who you are and how you can help them before buying.

Include a short bio with your name, a few details about you or your approach, and why you can be trusted about the topic at hand. Including a head shot is also a great idea.

Sales Page Element #3 – Product Description

A lot of sales copy writers can get so into writing about the benefits and overcoming objections to buying that they forget to describe exactly what the product is. I have an analytical mind, and one of my biggest objections to buying a product is that I can’t easily figure out exactly what the product is or what’s covered inside.

If you are selling to analytical people like me, be sure to describe the details. Listing the chapters in an eBook, the pieces of a toolkit, or the lessons in an online course is a good start. Writing short, descriptive copy about what’s included in each section and why a buyer will benefit from it is even better.

Sales Page Element #4 – Product Delivery

People are understandably skeptical about buying digital products online. Being clear and specific about formats is necessary. And including details about how they will be able to access or download their product can help increase sales.

For example, “Each lesson is delivered in PDF format with an accompanying mp3 audio” is good.

However, “You’ll receive online access to all of the PDFs and mp3 audio files in our online learning platform, and can download them as a zip file for future use,” is even better. This sentence clarifies how easy it will be to access the materials now and in the future.

And even if you are selling an eBook through a digital download service, clarifying that your buyer will receive an email with a link to download the file on any device can be helpful. If they are on their phone, they may be wary about completing the transaction if they want to download the file to their personal computer.

Sales Page Element #5 – Clear Call to Action

Never, ever forget to invite the person reading your sales page to actually buy your product. “Click the ‘add to cart’ button below to download your copy today” is a simple way to encourage your buyer to take the next step.

While we are talking about calls to action, let me demonstrate. If you’d like to receive step-by-step detail on how to write sales copy for digital products, hop on over to my sales page for the Sales Copy Templates.

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