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When you download our Sales Copy Templates today, you’ll receive a structured, simple approach to writing sales copy for a digital product.

Sales copy is essentially the language you use to describe your product to someone who is interested in buying it. (In fact, you are reading sales copy right now, and I created it using my own templates.) For digital products, your sales copy will be on a single web page, which is often called a sales page or landing page.

  • You can use the Sales Copy Templates to save time writing more compelling copy for your eBook, digital toolkit, or online course.
  • You can use the Sales Copy Templates to revise sales copy that isn’t converting like you’d expect. Most likely there are some details or language you are missing that will make your product pop and get more people buying it.

To help you save time and frustration when writing your sales copy, we’ve created templates that are specific to each type of digital product – eBooks, digital toolkits, and online courses. Each template is a downloadable PDF file that includes step-by-step detail, writing prompts, and sample copy to help you structure your sales page, write your copy, and handle specific concerns buyers have before investing in your digital products.

A few notes about Laura BrandenburgLaura-Brandenburg-Momstyle-182x250

I’m Laura Brandenburg of Momstyle Your Business. I’ve been selling digital products online since 2008 as part of building my 6-figure business through passive income. I’ve invested thousands of dollars in tutorials, copy writing, and consulting to learn how to write better copy. What’s more, we’ve received hundreds, possibly thousands, of questions from potential buyers about our digital products that we now answer up front via sales copy.

I’ve wrapped all of this knowledge and experience, and the resulting improvements and adjustments, into the Sales Copy Templates. And I’m offering these templates at a super-affordable price because, frankly, I’m tired of seeing mamas create amazing products that don’t sell, just because their copy isn’t well-written enough.

Take a quick look
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with all 3 sales copy templates

When you download the Sales Copy Templates today, you’ll save time and frustration writing copy without investing hundreds or thousands of dollars hiring a copywriter.

You’ll receive a PDF template for each type of digital product. We’ve got eBooks, digital toolkits, and online courses covered. You can pick and choose the files you need or save your hard-earned money by investing in all 3 as a bundle.

Each template includes a quick graphic on how to structure your sales copy, and then covers specific details for writing a compelling headline, writing those first few paragraphs to draw your buyer in, describing exactly what your product includes, and encouraging your reader to take the next step and buy your product.

Let’s take a quick look at what’s included with each template.

Sales Copy Template for eBooks

An eBook is a written document, often delivered in PDF form, that guides your buyer through learning a specific collection of information or applying a new skill. Books are a relatively safe investment, and with the right details, an eBook can almost sell itself.

You’ll learn:

  • How to write a short author bio that establishes your credibility while also engaging your potential reader.
  • A quick and easy way to showcase the contents of your book in a way that draws in readers.
  • How to clearly organize your buy buttons when you are selling multiple formats on multiple online retailers.

What’s more, the Sales Copy Template for eBooks contains a bonus section walking you through the tricks I used to be sure my print and Kindle books are at the top of the Amazon search results, just in case you decide to sell your eBook or print book in one of the world’s largest retailers and top 5 search engines.

Sales Copy Template for Digital Toolkits

A digital toolkit contains usable files that your buyer can use as part of an activity.  A digital toolkit should be more valuable than an eBook, because it’s something the buyer can use to assist them in their work. It should be easier than a course, because it’s going to save them time and give them a shortcut to getting started.

(These sales copy templates fall into the category of digital toolkits, because you will be receiving actual prompts and samples that will save you time writing your own sales copy.)

You’ll learn:

  • How to emphasize the special and unique value your toolkit or template provides, so you can justify the higher price point that is typically attached to these types of products.
  • The 26 different options for naming your toolkit, because the term “toolkit” does not resonate with all audiences.
  • How to reassure your buyer that they will actually be able to use your product to solve their particular problem.

Sales Copy Template for Online Courses

An online course teaches your buyer a certain collection of information and, often, enables them to take action to apply that information to achieve a specific benefit.

One thing to know about online courses is that they typically require a little more selling than eBooks or digital toolkits. For one thing, the price point is often a little higher. For another, your buyer is going to rightfully expect that they will need to invest significant time to go through the course and receive the benefits. You’ll learn how to handle both objections in your sales copy.

You’ll learn:

  • How to address the most frequently asked buyer questions about online courses, so you can address them before your buyer has to ask (or simply abandons the process due to uncertainty).
  • How to use your course material to help you write persuasive copy. This tip will save you tons of time!
  • Dozens of ways to describe your online course, so you can pick and choose the terms that will be most meaningful to your audience.

“Writing a sales page took me so much longer than I expected but the sales copy template was my saving grace! It provided me not only with written cues but also a visual aid. It truly was priceless!”

-Jen McLellan, Plus Size Birth

No matter what
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Before we recap everything that’s included with the Sales Copy Templates, let’s address the questions we most often receive about our product.

  • You’ll receive the files in PDF format so you can open them on any device, print them out, and refer back to them again and again.
  • While our download system is secure and reputable, we have very friendly customer service in case anything goes wrong. We’ve had customers email us 3 years after their purchase when they lose their files due to a computer crash. It’s not an issue and we’re happy to help get them their files.
  • While I fully expect these templates will save you time and frustration as well as the significant cost of hiring a professional copywriter, you might anticipate having questions. You’ll be invited to join my online community to ask your questions, share your sales copy for feedback, and celebrate your selling success.

Download the Sales Copy Templates Now

With the Sales Copy Templates, you’ll have everything you need to write more persuasive copy that sells more of your digital products.

You can download each individual template for only $27 or save $24 by picking up the bundle of all 3 for $57. Click the button below to make your selection. You’ll receive an email link so you can download it to any device you’d like.