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A Momstyle Business Is…

A momstyle business is about nurturing our creative souls, generating significant revenue, and allowing us the flexibility to be the moms we want to be. A momstyle business is: Profitable, meaning you can generate significant revenue. The kind of money that brings you real economic power and allows you to make decisions from a different […]

Why Momstyle?

Last week I got stuck. I discovered that part of the name of this website (which was Clear Spring Mompreneurs until about an hour ago) was a trademarked term. What’s more, after sharing the brand with other business owners, I discovered the “Clear Spring” fell flat. It needs to be explained that clear spring is about finding […]

3 types of digital products

I often get asked what kinds of digital products it makes sense to sell online. A digital product is an electronic file that has tangible value to a potential customer. As the product creator, you create the digital product once and get to sell it again and again. In the Digital Product Workshop, we specifically discuss […]

4 reasons to grow your passive income streams

Passive income has literally changed my life. When I was starting my first business, I experimented with consulting, then coaching, then training. I looked to monetize my blog through advertising and affiliate promotions. Then I landed on a blend of digital products that established my authority, brought in new customers, and also increased my income into six […]

You can have it all

There are a lot of people out there who say women cannot have it all. There are a lot of people out there who think that they, personally, cannot have it all. These statements are true to the extent that too many of us define “all” by looking outside. We look at corporate moms and their […]